P2 are now using the school library!

Today P2 used the school library for the first time. Each child has their own personal bar code on a browser card and can choose to take one book home each week. We plan to visit the library every Wednesday afternoon and children can exchange their books then. Once we are used to borrowing books we will also begin to use the library to help us learn about things such as genre and alphabetical order as well as using the library to support our learning in different subject areas.

Literacy: We are continuing our work on soft c, some of the words we are reading and writing this week are ice, dice, mice, nice, slice, twice, price, dance, fence and pence. Our new common words are ‘story’, ‘does’ and’ done’ and we are also revising the common words introduced so far this year. In our writing this week we looked at recipes and wrote some spooky Halloween potions!

Maths: We are working on our skip counting (counting in 2s) to help us learn about how the two times table is built up. We have been drawing and making groups of two in lots of different ways and we have been working out the total. We are also continuing to practise lot of other maths skills to keep them sharp!

Health and wellbeing/ Science: As many children will be receiving the flu vaccine this week we have been learning about what happens when we become ill and how we can prevent germs from spreading by doing things such as washing our hands regularly and throwing tissues away when we are finished with them.

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One Response to P2 are now using the school library!

  1. mallanprestonstreet says:

    Our library is such a great resource – the children will benefit greatly from these weekly sessions.

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