Game Design Challenge

This week P5 pupils are working in co-operative groups to design a computer game in five days, from the design process through to the finished product.IMG_2904

Each group has designed a multilevel game, and pupils have also been creating written content relating to their games, including instructions, posters and promotional materials.

As well as developing their coding skills, using Scratch has encouraged pupils to develop transferable skills in areas such as problem solving and logical thinking. We have also been able to draw links with our maths work – for example, pupils need to use x and y co-ordinates to locate different parts of the screen.

Here are some pictures of P5 pupils hard at work on their coding in the ICT suite. A link will be posted to the games once they are finished.

Following this week’s challenge, pupils will then work over the next three weeks to create more complex and detailed games.

IMG_2880 IMG_2895 IMG_2899 IMG_2902

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2 Responses to Game Design Challenge

  1. Mrs Allan says:

    Very impressive technology skills being developed in Primary 5 – well done!

  2. Mrs Allan says:

    Will you be sharing your games with other classes?

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