A great start to our year!

Welcome to P6!

We’ve had a super start to the year!   We’re a small class of just 19 at the moment but already I’ve witnessed some really caring, kind and supportive children and there is a really nice atmosphere in the class.


This week we wrote our class charter based on the UNCRC showing the rights and responsibilities in P6.  We also thought about the values which are important to us such as generosity, kindness and creativity.   It’s great that the class work so well together and we all now have very high expectations for the year!

We have started our new topic, which is a study of Edinburgh through its beautiful and unique architecture. To begin this we took a trip to the playground to closely observe and sketch parts of our school building.  It was amazing to see how much the class could tell about the building and its history, just by looking up!  Lucy was very interested in the different patterns on the sandstone bricks and Rhiannon spotted the carving above the main entrance (which used to be just for girls!).  As Lorien pointed out, despite attending Preston Street for 6 years, there was such a lot that she had never noticed before!

It was a great first week!  Don’t forget to keep an eye on our blog throughout the year to keep up to date with our successes!

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