Week ending 4th of September

This week we have been reading our books. Our focus has been comprehension and we have been discussing our answers to higher order questions! We have had some super debates. Wow!

DSC01858 DSC01859 DSC01860

We are continuing to learn about the Plains Indians as part of our larger topic, ‘Native People’. We have learned many facts about how the Plains Indians lived. Everyone made a tipi and decorated it with traditional patterns. We also made a flat tipi which opens and demonstrated our knowledge of what was kept inside a tipi by drawing detailed pictures. We know loads of facts and really impressed Mrs Allan when she visited our classroom and asked us about our learning!

DSC01861 DSC01862 DSC01863 DSC01864 DSC01865

In numeracy we have been working on division. At this stage we link this to sharing fairly. The children loved feeding their peg ducklings by sharing out the food! We are still working on this and will revisit this concept many times during p2/3.

DSC01872 DSC01873 DSC01874 DSC01875 DSC01876 DSC01877 DSC01878

Our Big Writing this week involved us in writing a factual passage to display beside our tipi press prints. These look awesome and the children are really proud of their work.

DSC01879 DSC01880



This week we have a few new shape games in our class. We have been using 2d shapes to make pictures and patterns. The Plains Indians decorated their belongings with beautiful patterns and pictures which told us about their family and their way of life.

DSC01886 DSC01887 DSC01888

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