That’s our first little mini topic finished in P 1 . We had fun reading the story “Whatever Next ” by the author Jill Murphy and enjoyed lots of activities relating to it . We looked at pictures of the moon and used some great descriptive words with our heart partners talking about them. There was some shape investigation work. Our first “Circle Time ” was introduced and we respected each others ideas and suggestions very well whilst we talked about where we’d like to go in our rockets and who and what we would take with us . Our listening and talking skills got a big thumbs up ! The children had lots of  great imaginative play with the bears and the picnic set having picnics in all sorts of places not only the moon like Baby bear in our story. The last activity we did was to create moon pictures using baking soda and vinegar mixed with food colouring. Fantastic discussion came out of this lesson as to how the “craters” were bubbling up as the chemical reactions took place ….. Great fun !

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage Thursday saw us have our first adventure upstairs to the computer suite and on Friday we had our pictures taken in our house groups and started the first week of the partnership Friday activities with the rest of the school.

Finally ….. Adventure Ted arrived at the school and he chose to go home with Ollie this weekend  so we hope they have lots of fun together . Paula ,Robert, and Emily also received successful learner, work wizard and super citizen certificates respectively so well done to all three ! ( Paula your picture will follow sorry )

image image image

Next week (7th Sept.)our new topic “farm to fork” will begin and we will start our phonics programme. You will get an alphabet board home with the letters we are learning that week. This will allow you to work with your child at home word building ( blending ) the sounds together. There will also be an action and song sheet that you will receive to help the children remember the letters and their sounds . We do also teach the children the name of the sound at the same time ! So much for the wee ones to take on board I know !!!! Unfortunately the reading bags haven’t arrived in school yet so until then everything will be just handed out to your child to put in their school bag . As soon as they are in we will ensure that all letters etc are put in the reading bags so please check daily and return the bag to school everyday . That’s all for this week folks so have a great weekend and happy blending next week !!!!

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  1. Becky Colegrave says:

    Loving these updates!

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