P7 pupils prepare for the world of work

Staff from Scottish Widows are once again working with our P7 year group to help them prepare for the world of work.

The programme will help our senior pupils gain valuable skills and experience, including how to apply for a job; how to write a CV; and interview skills.

20150909_135924On Wednesday 9th September, our P7 pupils attended a specially arranged Young Leaders’ Conference at the Royal Commonwealth Pool, along with five managers from Scottish Widows. At the conference, pupils considered the importance of their leadership roles this year, and identified skills which they would require to display as Young Leaders at Preston Street. 20150909_134957

20150909_13530920150910_140611 (800x450)The following day, four of the Scottish Widows staff returned to P7 to deliver workshops in CV writing and interview skills. The pupils learned a great deal from the workshops and we would like to thank all the Widows staff for the professional and informative way in which they approached the afternoon.
Pupils will now have the opportunity at various points throughout the year to apply for ‘Young Leaders’ roles at Preston Street. This will involve filling out an online application form and submitting a CV, before being interviewed by a panel including both school staff and adults from other organisations.

20150910_144933 (800x450) 20150910_144946 (800x450)

It is fantastic that our pupils are given these opportunities at such an early age, and we hope that this experience will stand our young people in good stead for whatever they decide to do in the future, whether it be education or employment.

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