Sean Murphy

With the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in full flow and being on the schools doorstep, Preston Street Primary was able to take full advantage of this international jamboree. We found ourselves to be in a fortunate position as Sean Murphy, a talented Australian comedian, offered to host the children of P6, P6/7 and P7 for a children’s party like no other! Of course, we happily accepted his generous invitation and took the short walk down to Hispaniola located on Drummond Street.

Not only did the children love the show, the adults found it hugely entertaining also. Sean Murphy was able to strike a great rapport with all the children, a no mean feat within the teaching profession! The extremely entertaining show dipped its toe into many curricular areas including Expressive Arts (creative performances as class participation was hugely encouraged), Languages (exploring alliteration to form Superheroes names) and Health and Wellbeing (promoting personal and social wellbeing by developing confidence).

Preston Street Primary would like to thank Sean for allowing us to contribute and participate in one of the best and largest festivals, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. We hope to see you next year.

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