Sooooper soup makers!!!

Primary one have been learning about different kinds of farming. Fruit and vegetable farms , animal farms and crop farming . We are going to be looking at each type of farm over the next 3 weeks .

Last week saw Primary 1’s turn into real chefs ! First we investigated, tasted and  touched lots of fruit and vegetables and enjoyed the stories “Oliver’s fruits ” and “Oliver’s vegetables” . We even learnt the names of some fruit and veg. in different languages with the help of Miss Almond our EAL teacher who joins us for an hour on a Wednesday afternoon. Learning where  and how some of these foods grow gave some really interesting discussions ! On Thursday we made our tasty vegetable soup and finally enjoyed it on Friday morning . Look at some of the photos to see our week of fun learning in action .



Well done to Aamna our chosen successful learner this week .

imageWell done also to Torrin and Ava  our  Super citizen and Work wizard this week ! Adventure Ted went home with the birthday girl on Friday so we hope Safa-Noor has fun with him .

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