Photography on Arthur’s Seat

20150929_104405 (1280x720)

The P7 class took advantage of this week’s amazing weather on Tuesday and walked to the summit of Arthur’s Seat.

Making our way down from the summit.

Making our way down from the summit.

The pupils were all given iPads, which they used to take photographs from different viewpoints. It was interesting to see the different approaches taken by the pupils. Some took long range views from the summit, while others focused on detail within the park.

Over the next couple of weeks, the pupils’ photographs are being used as the starting point for a range of creative activities, including writing, film making and music.

Enjoying the view

Enjoying the view

During P7, we intend to visit Holyrood Park and Arthur’s Seat on a regular basis during the year, to experience this wild space in all seasons (and in all weathers!) It is fantastic to have such a rich natural environment right on the school’s doorstep and we intend to make full use of the rich learning opportunities which this provides.

Below, you can see some of the photographs which our pupils took during the walk.

If you are able to come to Parent Consultations on Thursday evening, you can see our gallery in the classroom!

IMG_0203 IMG_0385 IMG_0439 IMG_0387 IMG_0313 IMG_0457 IMG_2917 IMG_0121 IMG_4505 IMG_3461 IMG_0120 IMG_0277

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