Primary 4 Update

This week we were learning some basketball skills. In one activity we were learning how to chest pass the ball to someone else and in another activity we were learning some defence skills.

Edinburgh leisure also came into our school last week to see how good we might be at diving. We had to test our strength and fitness with lots of different activities.

DSC00630DSC00622 DSC00612 DSC00607 DSC00605 DSC00604

A part of our Numeracy lesson we went outside with our partners to complete an addition treasure hunt! We had to find the answers to different addition sums outside. We were learning to add numbers to 100 and 1000 in our heads. It was lots of fun.

DSC00706 DSC00711 DSC00709 DSC00707 DSC00718 DSC00719DSC00723

In Maths we have been learning about how to create a budget. We had a budget of £100 and we had to use the school catalogues to choose some new resources for our classroom.

DSC00643 DSC00642 DSC00641

This week we have been learning how to tell the time. In class we talked about analogue and digital clocks and how to use them to tell the time. We played a game called ‘Stop the Clock’ on the board with Miss Forbes. It was challenging but great fun!

DSC00726 DSC00727 DSC00729

In Health and Wellbeing we have been learning about friendship. As a class we made ‘Friendship Soup’ and added all the ingredients that we think are essential for a good friendship.


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