Loose Parts Play at Preston Street

20151022_123720 (1024x576)Over the past week, we have introduced lots of new ‘loose parts’ play equipment into the playground, to go with the tyres and wood which we have already been using. The new resources include bats and balls, stilts, giant board games, beanbags, pipes and much more.

The philosophy behind loose parts play is very simple. Pupils are provided with a large and varied quantity of outdoor play equipment, to be shared across the whole playground. There are no specific rules or timetables – instead, children are simply free to play with the equipment in whichever way they see fit. The open ended approach to loose parts play encourages pupils to develop creativity and imagination.

20151022_122232 (1024x576)Over the year, our P7s will be acting as Play Leaders. As well as handing out and collecting equipment, our Play Leaders encourage the younger children to play with the equipment in new and inventive ways, and make sure everyone is included.

It has been great to see the way in which our pupils, from P1 to P7, have engaged with loose parts play with such enthusiasm this year (and particularly since we gave out the new equipment this week). In particular, it is noticeable that loose parts play encourages children to play with other pupils from different classes and age groups.

We hope the children enjoy the new equipment and continue to develop innovative and interesting ways to play with it!

20151022_122107 (1024x576) 20151022_122045 (1024x576) 20151021_103110 (1024x576) 20151022_123727 (1024x576)

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