Sharing learning with parents and carers

This session, we are introducing a number of new ways to allow our pupils to their share learning with parents and carers.

FullSizeRender3As part of this, we have started a system of House Open Mornings. These take place on a termly basis for each house. During a House Open Morning, parents and carers of all pupils in a particular house are invited to school for a coffee morning, where they can sit with their child / children and look at their work / discuss their learning. Pupils whose parents cannot attend are able to share their work with their peers and with other staff.

FullSizeRender5We have held two of these mornings so far this year (for Clerk and Oxford). Lutton will hold their first event on Friday 20th November and the Newington morning will take place on Friday 13th December. A second morning for each house will be scheduled for the spring term.

Here are some pictures from our recent Oxford event.

20151023_091706 (800x450) 20151023_091718 (800x450)

FullSizeRender1 We have restructured our house groups this year, so that siblings are all in the same house. This ensures that parents only need to come to one open morning to chat with all their children. (It should also avoid any ‘friendly’ sibling rivalry on Sports Day!)

We are also introducing home / school learning jotters. Three times a year, your child will complete all his / her work in a special jotter over the course of one week. The first week of this programme is currently underway and your child’s jotter will be sent home on Friday 30th October. You will be able to read through the jotter, leave a comment and return it to school.

Remember we are also introducing a new reporting system this session. Instead of one annual report at the end of the year, your child will receive three shorter reports – one for each term. These reports will be issued following a dialogue between your child and his / her teacher. There will be the opportunity for you to provide online and / or written feedback following each report.

Finally, please remember that you can keep up with school news via this site and our school Facebook page which is available at

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