Longhouses and visiting owls…

It’s been a very busy time for Primary 2. We have been working hard on our Native American longhouses which required us to use lots of useful skills like measuring and sawing and also required lots of perseverance and creative problem solving at times!

The finished articles should have made their way home this week and I hope you agree that Primary 2 have put a lot of hard work into them.

IMG_1119 IMG_1117 IMG_1118 IMG_1412 IMG_1413 IMG_1414 IMG_1415 IMG_1416 IMG_1417

This was our last bit of work on our Native People topic as we are now moving on to learning about Night and Day. This topic was prompted by a visit from a little owl called Abby who is staying in our classroom for a while. She is scared of the dark and hopes that Primary 2 can help her to understand the dark by learning about Night and Day. We are also keen to learn about Owls and other animals that come out at night.


We talked about some of the things we already knew about Owls and about Night and Day. Here are some of the things we said we already knew.

Casper said “In day time it is too light for owls to see but at night it is perfect.”

Amy said “Owls can fly.”

Freya said “Owls can see far away and hear far away.”

Jacob said “Owls sleep when it’s daytime.”

Eloise said ” At night we can see stars and they look really tiny but they are actually huge”

Gabriel said “It gets dark because we work so hard all day and we need a rest”

Skye and Emilia said “Some stars are planets. The biggest star is Neverland and the second biggest star is the sun.”

We then talked about what we wanted to learn in our Night and Day topic. We agreed we wanted to start by learning more about owls so we can make sure Abby is happy.

Gabriel wanted to know about all the animals that come out at night. Jacob wanted to know why some animals come out at night and some animals don’t.

Farhan wanted to know why animals are quiet and Skye wanted to know why animals don’t speak but do make noises. Chloe wanted to know how if Owls hibernate and if they do, why they don’t need food when they hibernate. Ayan wanted to know if owls come out in the winter. Noa wanted to know how high owls can fly.

Freya Lucy knew that the sun was a star but wanted to know if the moon is a star. Ella wanted to know what stars were made of and Ishita wanted to learn what the planets are like.  Lucien knew that it was Winter when we are facing away from the sun but wanted to know why we still get a little bit of sun in Winter.

As you can see, we have some exciting learning ahead of us!

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