What a busy few weeks we have had in Primary 3!

In maths, we have been learning to add 2 and 3 digit numbers using the grid method. Most of the us have been finding this a good way to add as it makes it really simple! It has also made us continue to think about our place value.

Look at some of the games and activities we have been doing to help us learn.

IMG_2485 IMG_2488 IMG_2492 IMG_2494 IMG_2495 IMG_2497

In literacy, we have finished our class novel ‘There’s a pharaoh in our bath,’ and are using that to help us learn how to write a book review. Miss Welsh thinks we have done a great job!

We have been very lucky to have the magic road safety show and the balletlorent Snow white dance workshops last week. We had a lot of fun at both events and some of our friends were very lucky to be picked to be in the Snow White performance in January.

IMG_2508 IMG_2510 IMG_2512 IMG_2514 IMG_2517 IMG_2521

IMG_2527 IMG_2528 IMG_2532

Finally, we have been working very hard for our Ancient Egypt topic. First we made little mummies and coffin cases for them and today we had a jewelry workshop. Below you can see a few sneek previews but you will get to see the finished work when we bring them home next at the end of the topic. We are also looking forward to our outing next week to the Museum of Scotland to look at some of the real artefacts.

IMG_2498 IMG_2499 IMG_2501 IMG_2534 IMG_2535 IMG_2536 IMG_2537 IMG_2538 IMG_2539 IMG_2541

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