Owl be happy with that!

WP_20151118_079 WP_20151118_084 WP_20151118_091 DSC02533 WP_20151118_004 WP_20151118_009 WP_20151118_011 WP_20151118_014 WP_20151118_015 WP_20151118_017 WP_20151118_019 WP_20151118_024 WP_20151118_030 WP_20151118_034 WP_20151118_036 WP_20151118_041 WP_20151118_044 WP_20151118_047 WP_20151118_051 WP_20151118_053 WP_20151118_060 WP_20151118_061 WP_20151118_062 WP_20151118_067 WP_20151118_071 WP_20151118_078WP_20151118_004.jpgOn Wednesday, P6 FINALLY discovered what their Secret  Event was!  After a morning learning about Leonardo da Vinci’s love of art, observation, birds and flight,  the class were taken, in complete silence, into the Expressive Arts room where 8 different species of owls were waiting patiently!

Everybody had the chance to hold an owl and as they were so tame, they could be closely looked at, stroked and observed.  Miss Ritty was so proud of her nature loving class who were so gentle and kind with their birds.

Everyone now has a ‘da Vinci Sketchbook’ which they are encouraged to take home and use to draw their thoughts and ideas so long as they come to school every day.  Drawings of garden birds, magazine cut outs,  sketches of birds in flight, birds landing, nests, hunting techniques, feathers are all welcome so long as you can explain why it was interesting!  In 1994 Bill Gates paid $30.8 million for Leonardo’s notebooks…. (no pressure, P6….




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