Week ending 4th of December

Over the past two weeks we have been learning about money. We have been making number lines to help us track the coins we need to make a specific amount.

We have been looking at ‘arrays’ (dot patterns) in order to introduce the concept of multiplication. We have identified the rows and columns as well as the total number of dots in an array. Yesterday we drew our own arrays using given criteria, e.g. draw an array with 2 rows and 6 columns.

This week we have been thinking about wet weather, and what quality materials have to have to keep us dry. We carried out an experiment with our heart partner to find out which materials were waterproof. We were surprised at the amount of water needed to actually drip through certain materials.

Ted said, “The hessian had holes in it so the water went through quite easily and quickly.”

“It took a lot of water before the paper let water drip through it but the tissue paper let water through it very easily,” said Holly.

“The wooly material got really heavy and wet before the water finally dripped through it,” said Lily.

Today we have used wax crayons to make paper waterproof. We coated the paper with the wax crayon by scribbling hard on it and then put water drops onto the waxed paper.

“The water sat like jewels on top of the wax,” was Ted’s observation. Awesome stuff!


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