Fun in December

Primary 3 have been keeping ourselves very busy this December.

We finished our topic on Ancient Egyptians and have started a new topic about Weather.

First we learned about wind, what it is and how it moves. We made lots of different instruments to measure which direction the wind is going and how fast it blows. We had great fun testing them out in the playground!

Then we learned all about different types of clouds, what they are called and what they look like. We made an Okta grid that helps us calculate the cloud cover in the sky. We also used compasses to work out different directions and used this information to draw a compass pointing in the right directions on the ground.

We then went on to make our own cloud in a bottle. We did this by adding water to a bottle and shaking it as hard as possible. Miss welsh then blew in smoke from a match and we closed the lid and squeezed the bottle to create pressure. When we released the bottle a cloud formed.

We have been busy writing up our experiments for literacy and also writing a report about the Elf Tommy that has been visiting our class. Tommy has been up to all sorts of nonsense and it has been great fun finding out what he has been up to every morning. (See the separate post about Tommy)

Finally, have a look at our cool christmas jumpers.



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