We have had an exciting start to 2016 in P1/2!

It all started with a mysterious glitter trail from outside into our classroom. We discovered that it led to a “D.Mail” board left for us by a Friendly Dragon from Fairyland. He was asking for our help to re-create Fairyland and read Fairytales so that his home is no longer lost. We have decided to help the Friendly Dragon and have been super busy in class, creating and bringing Fairyland to life!

We have helped to create the castle entrance outside our classroom, making beautiful stained glass windows, we have brightened up our walls inside by creating coats of arms and have even using 2D shapes to draw our own castles. As well as making lots of leaves to create a beanstalk! The dragon is really pleased with all of our hard work. We have also started learning about how plants grow by planting our own beans in class, we will check on these weekly and watch them grow.

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