Welcome back and happy new year!

First of all can I say a big thank you for the wonderfully generous hamper and gifts you gave Miss Young and myself, it really was very kind. Not necessary but much appreciated. Whoever made the card for me , it was greatly admired as it was  beautifully crafted!

Well it’s been an exciting start to primary one this term with a surprise left by the friendly dragon on his D-mail board! He left a glittery trail for the children to see, which lead them to his message for them, asking for help.IMG_5172[1]


The entrance to our classroom, now the entrance of the fairy tale castle.

The problem, he told us in his fire burnt letter, ŵas that Fairyland has disappeared ! All the fairytale characters have been forgotten about and not talked about anymore and the consequence has been that the beautiful Fairyland has gone! The dragon had seen our lovely “castle and sun” pictures we drew inspired by the artist Paul Klee and had though we were the best chance at trying to create a temporary land in our class to help the characters become revived again . We’ve already helped Jack , he left us magic beans as a thank you for his magical beanstalk we created and we planted them and are now learning about all the parts of a plant and how they grow.IMG_5182[1]


The three bears had forgotten how to make porridge and so the children looked at instructional writing and followed carefully as Miss Young made porridge with groups using sugar , salt and honey. They made a choice of their favourite type and have made a graph. Primary 1 are beginning to learn how information can be organised in different ways.

We were also wondering how tall Jack’s beanstalk grew and this lead us to think about measure so this term our maths focus will be on measure using non- standard units and also some standard unit work too.



click on these to enlarge

We have looked at what we measure, and what tools we use to measure, and are developing the language associated with all types of measure( weight, mass capacity )

Our phonics work this term focuses on the consonant blends ( digraphs) putting two sounds together to make a new sound. sh and ch, were started this week along with our new block of tricky words. Hopefully everyone got the letter sent out indicating our phonics timetable. If not please come and see myself or Miss Young for one.IMG_5180[1]

We are looking forward to more fun adventures helping the characters from Fairyland and hearing from our friendly dragon so let the fairy tale unfold……Once upon a time there were a very lively bunch of primary one children …….


These children worked so well cooperating to make  their tower for Rapunzel.

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