The 3 Little Pigs

We are having great fun, helping the Friendly Dragon re-create Fairyland in class, by learning about the different fairy tales and doing a variety of activities based on these stories.

We have been using the story of the 3 Little Pigs to base our topic learning around this week. We had a great time working in groups to construct a house for each pig. One group used straw to make a house, this was very tricky to do. We had to think about using something as a base and support structure for our house before we could use the straw. Another group used sticks to create a house, joining these together using sellotape and string. The third group used wooden blocks and plastic Lego bricks to make their brick house. We had good fun learning about houses and trying to build our own using the 3 materials. Have a look at our photos below.

We have also been continuing with our learning from Snow White. We have been using mirrors to closely observe our faces and then using pencil have drawn self-portraits. These took lots of concentration and close observing skills. At the end we went over our portraits using black pen. We are making frames for our self-portraits using pasta and creating a pattern with the pasta. We are all very excited about how our beans are growing. They are now ready to be planted in soil and will be ready to go home with us at the end of this week.

We have a visit from the Teddy Bear’s hospital on Wednesday afternoon, along with the P1 class. This will build on our learning in health and wellbeing and keeping ourselves safe and healthy.



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