Best in Show

A very excited upper school journeyed to Moray House to take part in a fabulous art event that was organised for Preston Street by Edinburgh College of Art and Miss Ritty’s former art tutor, Amanda Gizzi, from Moray House.

There were dogs of all breeds, sizes and colours and we all (teachers and Learning Assistants included!) took part in some different artistic activities.  We tried blind drawing, paper cutting, collaging, painting, printing, mark making and drawing.  After, the owners selected their favourite picture of their dog and they were allowed to take it home to frame.  The artists in return won the chance to be photographed with their muse!

It was an unforgetable experience and we will no doubt bring some of the techniques back with us to try out next term.  Sadly Jura, Miss Ritty’s dog,  will require a little more training before she can be trusted to sit still in a room full of potential playmates so for now our inspiration will have to be a little less hairy!





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