Life through a Lens

P6 and P6/7 were taken on a marvellous journey through time to learn about some of the discoveries  that were made using microscopes. They met some famous scientists of years gone by who were all members of the Royal Society. The Royal Society has as its motto ‘Nullius in verba’ which means ‘take nobody’s word for it’ or in other words- ‘Prove it!’

And prove it they did!

Using microscopes attached to tablet computers P6 and P6/7 had the opportunity to explore a microscopic world including the structure of a butterfly wing, peacock feathers and clothing fibres, the microscopic single cell organisms in a drop of pond water, the cells of an onion and even the cells of a human being!

Many thanks to the research scientists from Edinburgh University who provided us with such an interesting experience. We look forward to them returning to work with our P7 class in a few weeks time.




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