Prove it with P7

P7 had a fantastic visit this afternoon from a group of research scientists from the University of Edinburgh.

Our visitors got into role as various historical scientists who had helped to make these discoveries, and we learned about their links to the Royal Society – a collection of leading scientists which was set up in 1660 and still exists to this day.


Investigating the creatures which live (and move!) within a drop of pond water – pupils were fascinated and in some cases disgusted!

The scientists provided a lively and entertaining workshop, which took pupils through various historical discoveries which were made using the microscope, including the discovery of cells in plants (and subsequently in humans), and the discovery of living organisms within water.

All these discoveries were made real through the use of powerful microscopes attached to iPads, which allowed pupils to see for themselves. The motto of the Royal Society is ‘nullius in verba’ – which effectively means ‘ don’t believe what people say’ or ‘prove it!’ – which the pupils were able to do courtesy of the microscopes.

As you can see from these photographs, the pupils were fascinated and engaged throughout by our visitors, and we would like to thank Sarah and her team for their excellent input.

Best of all, we were left with a microscope of our own, which we can use to promote further discoveries.


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