EPSSA Cross Country Finals

20160314_111140_resized (1024x576)There was beautiful spring sunshine at Inverleith Park on Monday morning as over a thousand pupils from 56 schools participated in the EPSSA Cross Country Finals.

There were still grey clouds in the sky as our team of 20 runners left Preston Street, but a short ride on the number 8 bus later and we were enjoying ideal running weather.

We had five participants in each of the four races – P6 girls and boys, and P7 girls and boys – with each race being run over approximately one mile. The standard of every race was extremely high, with the top runners from every school participating.

20160314_111153_resized (1024x576)Having participated in the school’s own cross country event, and also the ‘B’ schools competition on the Meadows, this was the third competitive event of the year for most of our runners and they were well prepared for the challenge.

Our overall school performance was very good, with all of our pupils comfortably completing the course within the main body of runners. It was also positive to see our pupils being great ambassadors from Preston Street, encouraging each other and displaying a positive and respectful attitude at all times.

20160314_112949_resized (1024x576)Two of our P6 girls were placed in the top 100 – congratulations to Lorien and Morwenna for this achievement, which is not easy in an event of such a high standard.

Our cross country programme has been a big success this year – both in terms of performance at events, and in terms of participation by all pupils.

20160314_114508 (1024x576)We hope that with our new running club, we will build on this success and develop running even further at Preston Street.

We also intend to enter the Primary Schools’ Cross Country League in 2016-17.

This allows P6 and P7 pupils to participate in competitive running on a weekly basis throughout the autumn and spring terms.

By participating in these races, our keen runners will be able to gain experience which will hopefully prepare them to take their running to a higher level.

Although our cross country programme is over for the year, we will be encouraging as many of our pupils as possible to enter this year’s Marathon Festival, thus providing a continued focus on running. Details will follow in due course.

Well done again to everyone who represented the school so well. Our four teams, plus the combined team, are pictured below.


group pic (960x540)

Our team pictured after the event.

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