Adventures in Fairyland …



Collaborative learning

Working together to make Hansel and Gretal’s house out of marshmallows and spaghetti was challenging, but gave the children a real sense of how important social skills are!

They did a fantastic job and every group was able to suggest what they did well as a team and what they need to improve on for next time .Well done Primary one.IMG_5305[1]IMG_5307[1]


In Maths we had lots of fun finishing off our block on measure using nonstandard units. Here are some photos of our maths in action. We also followed instructions carefully to weigh out ingredients and made, iced and ate  some gingerbread men biscuits!


Little Red Riding Hood picked some flowers to take to her Grandmother in the Fairytale we read so we looked at some famous artists who had painted flower pictures.

.Last week I was extremely proud of the behaviour and learning attitude of your children during our exciting visit to Lauriston Castle. Our quest to help break the spell cast upon the poor dragon by Nasty McKnighty and free the dragon’s castle in Fairyland was fun for the children. We helped in each room by chanting  a magical spell and found miiature pieces of furniture appear. Each piece was then placed in a miniature of the dragon’s castle. We then ended up at  the wishing well outside  after following clues there. Then we cast a final enchanted spel and we had freed the Dragon from Nasty’s spell and he could happily return to his castle which was restored in Fairyland.

The friendly dragon left everyone a scroll saying thank you  and so far he is living happily ever after !


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