Our Week in P1/2

P1/2 have been learning about measure and this week the primary 2s were investigating capacity. We have been exploring how much different containers can hold, comparing the capacity of various containers and have been estimating where 4 cups full of pasta will fill different containers. The P1s were enjoying exploring capacity, measure and length through practical activities.

Freddy, Andrea and Carson worked together to complete a jigsaw puzzle, this was the first time in our class that children have persevered and completed a whole jigsaw puzzle. This was a proud moment for us. Well done to them. There is a photo of them with their completed puzzle below. This inspired their peers and Angus, Safiyya and Bea work edtogether to complete the jigsaw after.

On Thursday morning, P1/2 enjoyed a science puppet show along with the P2 children from the P2/3 class. We enjoyed learning about science through this fun and interactive show. The children enjoyed meeting the puppets after the show and having a turn at being puppeteers. Have a look at the photos below.


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