Our Week in P1/2

P1/2 have had a busy and exciting short week.

We have been continuing our learning about time in maths. We have been reinforcing our learning on the days of the week and the months of the year. We have played some fun games and activities where we had to order the days, put the days which were in the wrong place into the correct place and see which days were “hiding” or missing. We enjoyed “being a day” during these activities. We also enjoyed playing “passing the months”, where we whispered a month to the person next to us, who then whispered the next month to the person next to them. This was tricky but good fun.

We have been learning about dolphins through our topic work and have all worked together to colour in our dolphin for the wall. We have also created seaweed for our topic wall and were all very creative with our seaweed making and did a super job!

We did our first music lesson this week. We enjoyed hearing different types of music and moving in different ways to these, we also enjoyed learning to all do a movement on a specific sound, we did jumping, hopping, spinning and other things. We also learned a song with actions.

We enjoyed our second tennis session today at the meadows. We were practising a variety of different skills in pairs and in small groups, which will all feed into tennis. We were using tennis rackets, big foam balls and beanbags.

P1/2 have stopped doing “walk a mile” as we have 2 PE slots a weeks and we now have tennis on Fridays which involves walking to and from the meadows. We also have a very busy timetable and can’t always fit “walk a mile” in



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