John Muir Award – Day 3

Another beautiful day and another opportunity for P5 to explore Holyrood Park with some of the Park Rangers.

Today we were learning about conservation. We were supplied with some litter pickers and black bags and then we set off down the Innocent Railway tunnel picking up litter; it was surprising how much we collected in the time we had!

We stopped for some snacks and settled down to make some bird feeders using pipe cleaners and Cheerios, which we then hung on the nearby trees. This is something we could all do more of at home.

This afternoon we worked in our groups to research and collect information around what we have been learning about and this will eventually be put on a web site. This will be accessible via QR Code at various locations along the John Muir Way.

And tomorrow? Well that involves dressing up before we explore how people in the past lived in this area.

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One Response to John Muir Award – Day 3

  1. Claire Wallace says:

    Thanks for all the updates! Sounds like p5 are having a really fun week of outdoor learning.

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