John Muir Award – Final day

Well Primary 5 ended their outdoor learning week in style! We all dressed up in clothes from the Iron Age before setting off to meet Druid Lily at the entrance to Holyrood Park. 29 druids, farmers and hunters walked around the Park learning about how people lived and worked in the Iron Age.

We walked up to the old fort line which was no mean feat in the blustery conditions! We learnt about the medicinal properties of everyday plants and weeds such as dandelions and daisies. We were then tasked with identifying some strange objects from a long time ago –  little tiny coffins, rabbit skins, sand shakers, falconry hoods and a huge horn.

All in all this has been a fabulous week packed with interesting and fun learning experiences, thanks largely to the Rangers and to the children themselves who were real ambassadors for Preston Street Primary School. They were completely engaged in their learning and showed good teamwork and listening skills. They have all come to appreciate this wild place on their doorstep a little more.





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