Bake sale success story!

Some of the children in P2 had the idea of going to Deep Sea World for a class trip. We all agreed we we would love to go and to help fund our trip we decided to hold a bake sale. A lot of work and learning went into this. First, we learned about using scales in some of our maths lessons.

Then we decided what we wanted to bake and made posters to advertise our bake sale, using big bold letters to catch people’s eye as they walked past them.

Then with the day of the sale approaching we made our goodies. Thanks to Miss Lovell and Joan who helped out on Thursday afternoon so we could make so many delicious things to sell!

Then came the day of the bake sale. Everyone was very excited to take their turn selling our treats. With the help of Miss Ferrier and Miss Lovell everyone in P2 had a turn serving our customers, telling them the prices and taking money and giving change.

At the end of our sale we counted the money and we had raised enough money to help fund the trip. Thank you to everyone who came and helped us to reach our goal. Apologies to the two older classes who didn’t have a chance to buy anything from us as we sold out towards the end!

We are all very pleased and excited about our upcoming class trip!

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