Sports Day 2016



Stopping the traffic on South Clerk Street!

For the second year running, we were blessed with extraordinarily sunny weather for our annual Sports Day.

As has become tradition, the day began with the four houses parading to the Meadows, assisted by two community police officers who kindly came along to stop the traffic.

On arrival at the Meadows, pupils competed in various team relay events, earning points both for their team, and their house.

There was then a short break before the class races, where boys and girls competed both for individual prizes, and for bonus points for their house.


Next, by popular demand (and for the first time in recent school history), there was a parents’ race. Mums and dads grabbed an egg and spoon before competing for the honour of being fastest parent – their efforts were appreciated by the cheering audience!


Oxford (yellow) and Lutton (green) battle it out in the final stages of the house relay.


Marc crosses the line to win the House Relay for Oxford.

Finally, it was time for the standout event of every Sports Day – our annual House Relay. Each house was represented by twelve pupils (a boy and a girl from each P4-7 class) who took turns to run a lap, cheered  on by the rest of the school. The race went down to the wire, but Oxford came through in the final lap to take the House Relay trophy. Congratulations to Lutton who put up a great fight in second place, Clerk in third and Newington in fourth.


Clerk showing the determination which helped them win the overall trophy.

When the dust had settled, the overall winners, lifting our Winning House shield, were Clerk, with an overall score of 1616 points. Congratulations to Clerk for ensuring the blue ribbons remain on the trophy for a second consecutive year!

Well done to Lutton (1534 points) in second place, Oxford (1508) in third, and Newington (1444) in fourth.

There is still one final prize to be issued – the winning team in the P1-3 and P4-7 section will be announced at tomorrow’s assembly.

We would like to thank a number of people for making this year’s Sports Day so memorable: the pupils, who participated so enthusiastically throughout; the staff, for their encouragement and organisation; the police for their support; and our parents and carers, who once again turned out in huge numbers to give their backing to the event.

To our P7s, we hope you take away happy memories of your last ever Sports Day – and for the rest of you, we look forward to seeing you competing again in 2017!

Here’s a slideshow containing pictures from the event. If you were there, we hope they bring back great memories!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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