First week in P6

During our first week with Mr. Anderson we completed lots of getting to know the teacher/student activities. One of these consisted of creating our own ‘true or false’ statements. We then had to read them out to our classmates so they could guess which ones were ‘true or false’. We learned so much about one another.

Afterwards Mr. Anderson took us outside to perform team building activities. We had to pass the hula hoop onto one another then get it back to the start point. Simple I hear you say however we were unable to use our hands and a minimum of TWO children had to be in the hoop at all times. We somehow managed to achieve this…even if we did drop the hula hoop a couple of times through laughing so hard!

Finally, we investigated The UN Rights of Child and decided we would create our class rules using these articles. By the end of it, we all agreed that we were extremely lucky to be educated in Scotland. We also came to decision on what articles we would like for our classroom. You can see them below.


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