Shopping for Shoes Theatre Producation

Preston Street Primary are very fortunate in our location as many theatre productions and artists invite us to their show for a fraction of the real cost. However instead of a walk to this venue, Theatre in Schools Scotland came to us and brought some friends, BBC Scotland.

Shopping for Shoes focuses on two teens, Siobhan and Shaun. Siobhan is passionately politically aware. Shaun is also passionate, but about only one thing, shoes!! Shaun has a collection worth thousands of pounds, Siobhan on the other hand has plastic, animal-friendly sandals. With some planning and a little nifty footwork, Siobhan helps Shaun discover that shoes can do much more than just help a person express themselves.

Afterwards, Morwenna and Jack (both P7) were invited to talk about the production to BBC Scotland. The show was broadcast on Monday 22nd August on BBC Scotland News.

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