Back in time at Holyrood Park

IMG_4795P5/6 were time travellers today as they went back to the Iron Age for an archaeology workshop at Holyrood Park.

A variety of druids, farmers, hunters and a Roman soldier accompanied us on a journey to various locations around the park, where we learned about how people lived in the park area around 2000 years ago, around the time of the Roman invasion of what is now the southern part of Scotland.


First, we found out some of the ways in which the Celtic people used plants and berries as different types of medicine.

We then learned about some of the technologies in use during the Iron Age period, as well as some of the animals which would have been hunted in the area for food and other resources.


IMG_4793Finally , we bumped into a Roman soldier at St Anthony’s Chapel, and learned about some of the inventions which the Romans brought to Scotland.

The afternoon was spent at the Holyrood Park Education Centre, where we tried a variety of traditional Iron Age crafts and learned about life in a Celtic roundhouse, of the type which would have been seen in this area during the Iron Age.


Using a millstone to make barley flour in an Iron Age method.

The pupils had great fun as well as developing a better understanding of how people in the local area lived in the past.

We will continue to visit the park over the next few weeks as we work towards the John Muir Award. It is fantastic to have this stunning natural resource on the doorstep and it is only right that we make full use of it.

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One Response to Back in time at Holyrood Park

  1. sampringle says:

    Wow! what fun learning this looks like.

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