New horizons for cross country team


dsc_0830Today saw a new chapter in our sporting history as Preston Street participated in the Edinburgh Schools’ Cross Country League for the first time.

The league consists of four races in September and a further five in March / April, with a different venue for each race . Primary and secondary schools run in separate races, with prizes on offer for teams and individuals.

In the past, the competition has mainly involved private schools (and indeed the majority of runners still come from these schools). However, the league is trying to attract entries from state schools and we were delighted to join the competition for 2016-17.

For the first fixture, held this afternoon at Mary Erskine School, we sent a team of eight runners (five boys and three girls). We were warmly welcomed by the other teams and after a brief warm up we were ready to race.

As expected, the standard was extremely high, and our pupils did very well to complete the course in respectable times. While our pupils were clearly a long way off the front runners, they did well to stay the distance and finish within the main body of runners.

The most pleasing aspect of the whole day was to see everyone finishing the course with smiles on their faces (and one or two of our runners even managed a sprint finish!) We are very proud of all our pupils for their performance, attitude and behaviour throughout the event.

dsc_0828There was a sporting and friendly atmostphere throughout proceedings and we would like to thank all the other schools for making us feel so welcome on our first visit. We can’t wait for the next fixture, which will be held at Trinity next Wednesday.

We hope that participating in a high level of competition will encourage our runners to aspire to reach a higher standard themselves – both in future League races, and also at our house cross-country championships and the various EPSSA events which are held in the spring.

Running is a sport which we are keen to develop at Preston Street. It has huge benefits for pupils’ physical and emotional wellbeing, and is a great way for pupils to develop personal achievement – whatever their level of ability.

We currently have a P4-7 running club which meets every Wednesday afternoon – and we are also looking for more P6 and P7 pupils to compete in the Cross Country League. Participation in our running club is completely free, so please do consider joining us – contact for details.

Well done to our team today:


Aaron, Jack, Ali, Pedro, Enoch


Alex K, Alex S, Luna

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