Forces at Work in Primary 5


Primary 5 have continued to work hard across the curriculum despite the balmy weather!

This week we have worked really hard in our cooperative groups both in a literacy task where we used our senses to describe our experiences outside in the playground and also in our science topic.

This half term we are learning about the forces in the world around us, this week concentrating on the forces involved in floating and sinking. We carried out experiments to see what objects floated or not (and there were a few surprises) and we discussed our findings. We also faced the challenge of making a handful of marbles float using a sheet of aluminium foil. We then wrote up our findings using the scientific language we were learning.

It was lovely to meet so many parents and carers at the Meet the Parents night this week, but for those who could not make it, I have included some photographs of what was out on tables – namely our numeracy activities and our Reading for Enjoyment initiative.



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