Week ending Friday the 9th of September

Many thanks to all the parents who attended, ‘meet the teacher’ last night. It was lovely to meet you all and have quality time to chat!

This week we have been focussing on literacy routines so that we can use our learning time effectively once these routines have been established. We have learned to count sounds on our non-writing hand, and to squeeze each sound out using our writing hand! This is trickier than it sounds when you are little, but we all gave it our best shot! We have learned 5 sounds now, t, a, p, i and n. We are developing our ability to ‘sound talk’ a word and then read, it which is great! We are also improving our skills at writing words on our magnetic boards. It’s been a very, very busy week!

A new game was put out today and already the children are using it it build their own words! We are awesome!


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One Response to Week ending Friday the 9th of September

  1. susanna says:

    Great to see the children using the new magnetic letters – looks fun!

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