We learned CPR

We had a fantastic visit from a range of professionals today, including: doctors, nurses, surgeons, paramedics, armed forces medics and firefighters, who were all there to teach us about what to do in an emergency and CPR. We used out teddy bears to practise on and found the event both informative and fun!

img_2041 img_2042 img_2043 img_2044 img_2045 img_2046 img_2047 img_2048 img_2049 img_2050 img_2051 img_2052 img_2053 img_2054 img_2055 img_2056 img_2057 img_2058 img_2059 img_2060 img_2061 img_2062 img_2063 img_2064 img_2065 img_2066 img_2067 img_2068 img_2069 img_2070 img_2071 img_2074 img_2075 img_2076 img_2077 img_2078 img_2079 img_2080 img_2081 img_2082 img_2083 img_2085 img_2086 img_2087 img_2088 img_2089


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One Response to We learned CPR

  1. Becky Colegrave says:

    Fabulous that they are being taught important life saving skills!

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