CPR Training

P1/2 enjoyed the CPR training on Wednesday morning in the hall alongside the P1 class. The children watched and listened carefully and had a chance to have a go at CPR on their own teddies! We did this very well.

We have been continuing our Feelings and Emotions topic. We have been learning about fear, sadness, anger and feeling calm. We have been learning different ways to handle our negative emotions. We have been participating in lots of discussions and activities around these feelings. As part of learning about feeling calm, we painted calm sunset pictures, did some colouring in and listened to calming music. We used our imaginations to design our own happiness and sadness characters too.


P1 have been learning more new sounds and having a go at writing these in cursive, this is very tricky but we are trying hard! We have been practising writing these sounds in sand, shaving foam, flour, making them using marbles and playdoh. As well as writing them using whiteboards and using pencils and paper.

P2 have been learning about magic e with i and o. We are trying hard to read and write magic e words. We have enjoyed playing some magic e word games. P2 are also learning new common words, words which can not be sounded out.

Have a look at the photos of us below.

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