Week ending Friday 16th of September.

We have had a really busy week in primary one and definitely deserve our Monday holiday! On Wednesday we had  CPR training and used our ‘special hands’ to resuscitate our teddy. We also learned to shout for help and that we should dial 999 and ask for an ambulance.

This was an AMAZING opportunity and primary one would like to thank all of the helpers for attending this.

In numeracy we are working on the cardinal and ordinal aspects of the numbers 0-10. We have been counting claps, hops, objects, etc. We have also been finding the missing number from a sequence and counting forwards and backwards, not always starting at zero or 10. We might start at 8 and count down to 3 or start at 4 and stop at 9. These skills help us to count on when we begin addition.


In literacy we have learned three new sounds this week, s, m and r. We have been ‘sound talking’ words with all the sounds covered so far , using our sound counting hand to count the sounds in a word and then squeezing these sounds out before we use the magnetic boards to build the words. Mrs Hunter thinks we are awesome at doing this.

In these photos we are singing our sound songs on the carpet. Aren’t we sitting nicely?

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One Response to Week ending Friday 16th of September.

  1. susanna says:

    You’ve all been busy!!

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