The transformation of three of our caterpillars!

Over the last couple of weeks our caterpillars underwent a big change! We noticed them getting bigger and then one day we noticed one of the caterpillars attach itself to the roof of the cup. It’s skin hardened and formed a chrysalis. Very soon, two of the other caterpillars did the same!

Finally, about a week later our fourth caterpillar joined the others.



We moved them into the butterfly enclosure and waited.



One day while Miss Ferrier went to collect the line in the morning one of the butterflies emerged! The children noticed this as soon as they got into the classroom. The other two buttrflies soon emerged too. We watched them as their wings dried out and they became strong. We gave them fruit to eat.



We waited for our other chrysalis to become a butterfly but when a week had passed we decided to release the three butterflies we did have and just give our final butterfly some more time. So we went into the school playground today and set them free! They left one by one and flew off into the distance. One of them was reluctant to leave and stopped for a while on The hedge, Elyona’s show and the ground before we gave it some space and it flew away.

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