Week Ending 30th Sept 2016

In numeracy this week we have been continuing our work on the cardinal and ordinal aspects of numbers 0-10. In the activity below we had to order the numerals from 0-10 and then from 10-0. We then had to show the value of each number using cubes.

We have been working with our ‘heart partner’ to develop our numeracy skills. The pairs have been taking turns to say number sequences to each other but they have missed a number out from the sequence, e.g. 3,4,6,7. The partner then says the missing number. They have also been clapping and counting each others claps or body movements. Heart partners are a great teaching technique as every child has someone to learn with. They have more chances to practise their skills rather than when a teacher leads this lesson and you answer once, this way you answer lots and lots of times! It’s also a great chance to get to know our friends and an opportunity to develop our listening and talking skills.

Until now, our topic has been about the school and our feelings. This topic helped us to become familiar with our new school, its staff and their roles. We also learned about our feelings and some strategies to cope when feelings become very powerful. We are now looking at some well known fairy tales, starting with ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We will cover non standard measure through the context of this story, explore various art media and develop out talking, listening and writing skills. The pictures below show us using collage techniques to make beanstalk leaves.

Finally, we had a birthday this week and were given cake to celebrate ! Lucky us! We needed the extra sugar boost after all our tricky tasks!

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