Week ending 30th September

We have had a busy week in P1/2 with lots of learning and fun.


P1 have been busy learning more new sounds this week – we now know 13 sounds. We have been building words using the magnetic letters, using “sound talk” and blending to read the words which we have been building. P2 have been learning about magic e with u and have been playing a variety of games to reinforce this as well as using different materials to make our magic e words. P2 are also continuing their reading, getting a new reading book each week.

We all enjoyed using the Ipads to practise writing in cursive script, taking turns and sharing the Ipads.

P2 children started “big writing” this week. We were using our imaginations to write about why a boy felt happy or why a girl felt sad, using pictures as stimuli for our writing. We had great, imaginative ideas about why they were feeling this emotion.


P1 have been reinforcing their learning of numbers to 10. Playing a variety of games to reinforce our knowledge of number order and position. P2 have been working on counting forwards and backwards and addition, counting on to find the total when adding 2 sets. The Squares are working on numbers within 100 and have also started looking at subtraction. The Rectangles are working on numbers within 20 and addition.

Topic – Emotions, Game Playing and Art

We have been learning to play games within a small group. Learning to take turns, share and following game instructions/rules. This was a fun afternoon. Some of us managed this really well. We played connect 4, guess who and pop and hop. We had good fun playing these games with our friends.

We also played emotions bingo as part of our emotions topic as well as learning about feeling stressed and how to handle our stress in a positive and safe way. We had lots of discussion around this topic as a class and with our heart partners.

We started painting lovely autumn pictures, we used autumn colours to paint a colourful background. Next week we will use black paint to paint on a tree silhouette to complete our autumn pictures.

Have a look at our busy week, in the photos below.


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  1. Becky Colegrave says:

    Fabulous pictures!

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