Maths with Mr Cummings

Over the past couple of weeks, PSPS have been fortunate to receive the expertise of a High School Maths Teacher in the form of Mr. Cummings. During these math lessons, P6 have been learning about fractions.

At the beginning, we noted down all our knowledge of fractions and discussed it with our peers. Through this discussion, we now know that a fraction (e.g. fifth) can be compared to a pig. As much as it wants to become another animal like a ‘unikitty’, it cannot change it’s appearance. Therefore the denominator in this case will always remain a fifth, or a little piggie!!

Mr. Cummings and I plan to build on our learning next term and shall be looking at equivalent fractions, simplified fractions and improper fractions. We shall also be linking fractions to percentages and decimals.


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