Lari Don at the National Library of Scotland

DSC_1386.JPGThe P5/6 class enjoyed a fantastic learning opportunity on Wednesday as we visited the National Library of Scotland for a writing workshop with the novellist Lari Don.

The workshop was themed around ‘You are Here: A journey through maps’, an exhibition which is currently on display at the NLS building on George IV Bridge until April 2017. Since our class have been learning about maps and story writing this term, this workshop was an excellent fit!


Posting on an interactive map of Edinburgh within the exhibition.

When we arrived at the NLS building we were given a brief opportunity to explore the maps exhibition. We intend to return and see this in more detail as it contains a number of fascinating maps, including the oldest known map of Scotland.

We also learned some interesting facts about the building – for example, the ‘ground level’ entrance is actually the eleventh floor – there are fifteen altogether with ten of them below street level.

We then spent the main part of the session working with Lari. First, she read extracts from one of her adventure novels and discussed how she uses maps (both real and fictional) to help provide a structure for her stories.

We then spent some time creating our own maps and storylines under Lari’s creative guidance.

Finally there was the opportunity for questions and the signing of postcards!

Next week, we will be working on follow up activities in class, creating our own maps and adventure stories. We will post these online so you can see the results of the creative process.

Many thanks to Beverley Casebow at the NLS for organising such an interesting visit, and to Lari for an interesting and inspiring afternoon.

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One Response to Lari Don at the National Library of Scotland

  1. Excellent photos! The children were enthralled by the very old maps they saw!

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