We have had a busy start to November and are working really hard, take a look at what we are learning in class.


We have started developing our learning around addition and subtraction. This past three weeks, we have been consolidating learning of different strategies for addition, including: empty number lines, partitioning and number grids. We have also developed strategies for adding several numbers together and are beginning to look at using the column method. Below are some pictures of us using games to develop mental strategies for addition.

img_2143 img_2145 img_2147 img_2148 img_2150 img_2151 img_2152 img_2153 img_2154 img_2160 img_2161


In literacy, we have been learning to develop our imaginative story writing, looking at how we plan and structure our stories and developing interesting characters.


Our new Science topic has been lots of fun so far. We are learning about materials; liquids, solids and gases and chemical reactions. So far we have looked at chemical reactions involving gases. This has been through the Cola and Mentos experiment and the balloon experiment using soda powder and vinegar. Here are some pictures, showing you how much fun we had.

img_2164 img_2165 img_2167 img_2169 img_2170 img_2171 img_2172 img_2173 img_2174 img_2175 img_2176 img_2177 img_2178 img_2185 img_2186 img_2187

We have also been learning about how molecules look in solids, liquids and gases. We did some experiments looking at materials that are both solids and liquids. Here are some pictures of us exploring ‘Gluck’ (cornflour and water) and making glitter goo.

img_2196 img_2197 img_2198 img_2199 img_2201 img_2203 img_2204 img_2205 img_2207 img_2209 img_2210 img_2211 img_2212 img_2214 img_2215 img_2216 img_2217 img_2220 img_2221 img_2222 img_2223 img_2224 img_2263

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