Week Beginning 12th Decmber

P1/2 have had an extremely busy fortnight!


We have enjoyed some whole class numeracy work. We have been using the interactive board to play number games and helping each other if we were unsure. We have also been reinforcing our numeracy skills in our groups through various activities.


We have finished off our literacy assessments. We have been doing revision activities in class, reinforcing the common words and spelling patterns and sounds taught.


We have been very busy rehearsing for our nativity show. We have been singing the songs, learning the actions, as well as rehearsing coming on and off of the stage and saying our lines! Lots to remember and do!

We are very excited about the dress rehearsal tomorrow, and are really looking forward to performing the show to our friends and family on Thursday and Friday.

Christmas Activities

P1/2 have had a special visitor arrive, Elfie the Elf. He has been sent to us by Santa to see who is making good behaviour choices. The children have loved meeting Elfie and seeing where he is each day and what he has been doing through the night!

We are also very lucky to have 2 advent calendars in our class. We are taking it in turns to open the calendars.

Our class party is on Monday 19th December, along with P1 and P2. Children can come to school wearing their party clothes on this day.We have been getting ready for our party by making festive hats and placemats.

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