WW2 Propoganda Posters

We have been learning lots about World War 2 in the past weeks including the Blitz, the Battle of Britain and the life of evacuees from London.

Air raids on London began in September 1940. This was the start of the Blitz. Lots of other places were bombed, including industrial cities and ports such as Birmingham, Coventry, Southampton, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Hull and Glasgow.

The Luftwaffe launched many bombing raids believing that the RAF was close to breaking point. To begin with they attacked RAF bases then switched away from these and radar stations to focus on bombing London. During many of the day time raids, the RAF managed to scatter many of the German bomber formations. This meant that when the surviving bombers did drop their loads, they fell over a wide area and were less harmful. Many believe that without the Spitfire plane, this could not have been achieved. The Luftwaffe abandoned daylight bombings and focused on night-time bombings that continued into May 1941.

During this time, it was very hazardous to live in London and therefore the decision was taken to evacuate children from the city. We took it upon ourselves to learn how effective propaganda posters were during this troublesome time and created our own to help address the need of a mass evacuation.




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One Response to WW2 Propoganda Posters

  1. mallanprestonstreet says:

    Some great posters P6 – well done!

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