Week Beginning 19th December

This week P1/2 had their Christmas party along with P1 and P2. We began our party in the hall with P1 and P2, where we played party games and danced with our friends. After break we were in our classes, where we had a special visitor who came to see us! We had our party food in the afternoon in our own classes.

We had a lovely time at our party.

We performed our winter show, “Baubles” yesterday afternoon and this morning. We were very happy and excited to show all of our hard work to our friends and families.

We have been busy doing some Christmas crafts and have had more fun seeing Elfie and the adventures he has been having when we haven’t been at school. Yesterday, he left us ingredients to make some reindeer dust.

Have a lovely Christmas break!


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One Response to Week Beginning 19th December

  1. mallanprestonstreet says:

    Looks great fun! Thank you for sharing these photos Miss Sampson

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