Back to school!

Primary 2 were back to school today bright eyed and bushy tailed after a well deserved two weeks off. It sounds like everyone had a fantastic time during the break!

This morning saw us back to work on our literacy and numeracy skills. In Numeracy we were working on our speed addition and subtraction and playing a place value game. In Literacy we were building silly sentences, using sand and games to practise reading and writing our common words, practising our talking and listening and using the literacy areas in the classroom.

This afternoon we visited the school library. If you have any school library books at home please be sure to return these so they can be changed each Tuesday as this will continue to be our library slot this term.

We read another chapter of ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’ and discussed animals that come out during the day and at night. We used watercolour pencils to draw some of the nocturnal creatures using our observational skills to draw from photographs. Here are a few examples, I hope you enjoy looking at them:

What a lovely first day back!

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3 Responses to Back to school!

  1. allana morrison says:

    Lovely to see some of the activities from the classroom x

  2. Maya James says:

    Beautiful drawings, children, of some bright eyed bushy tailed woodland creatures. Wish this description applied to us parents following the two week break.
    Thank you for sharing, miss Ferrier!

  3. CHL Digital says:

    lovely to see these drawings. beautiful Old school days

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